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Quick entry just, in flurry of activity.

Got back from San Diego - had been out for Comic Con, my friend Sammi & Anthony's wedding, and Siggraph.

Am feverishly packing for Latvia - we leave tomorrow night, there for three weeks. My Poppa is going to see his grandchildren for the first time, and his family for the first time in over 50 years since he left the country as a POW during World War II.

Excited, a bit terrified - I know that I cannot record everything, but I want to.

And I'm very behind schedule on a lot of stuff I had wanted to get to people before now. Not happy about that, but hoping I will have some downtime at some point while I'm overseas that I can sit and get some stuff finished off.

Right now, I need to shove my butt back offline, phone in prescription refills, get those picked up, snag some new headphones and put laundry in to wash so that I'll at least have clean underwear while I'm there.

Totally jumbled thoughts as to what I am doing after I am back - was trying to resolve college stuff, that is sorted out, but while i was in San Diego came to realization that I am really not ready to be back at Georgian right now, and not at all sure if this trip to Latvia will calm me enough to want to return, or if it will leave me further disenchanted with professional photography and post-secondary education in light of trying to cope with narcolepsy.

Very much the sensation of being in anticipation of rebirth, renewal - in the process of transformation, but have not yet quite brought it into realization.
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August 13, 2007


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