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Wow, it's June. :O_o:

Whoa, I just realized it has almost been a year since I have submitted anything.

I have a ton of photographs, images, half-finished paintings, video bits and pieces, that have been sitting at the back of my mind. "Put them up, put them up...!"

What holds me back is the sheer mass of backlog.
And that it is all spread across 2x 500gb drives, 1x 1tb drive, 1x 320gb, 2x 250gb. Duplicates, multiple versions, you name it - it is a snarl of insanity. Big chunk of the 1tb drive is video footage of my lectures, as well as footage from Latvia. Which I had a rough edit of, and then lost somewhere before New Years.

What I need, more than anything, is to find a space that I can plop myself, desktop, drives, laptops in, and just sit and plow through my stuff, eliminate duplicates, organize folders in a sane way.

Unrealistic flight of fancy dreams of getting a big solar panel, and just sitting in a remote area of a provincial park, to just sit down and do it. But I know that weather and desktop computer are not a good mix. As well as not having a solar panel.

Really not sure when/how I will get a chance to deal with my files properly. Been bugging me a lot. Was trying to figure out a way to move out / be able to isolate, but I don't know when / if that is going to happen. A lot of unknowns in my life, undefined parameters, unpredictable factors, lack of control.

Some days I am brilliant, other days I'm muddled.

Still easily distracted by shiny things, bits of fluff floating on the breeze.

One of the cats was purring insanely, trying to cuddle behind my back and crawl through the sleeves of my cardigan. :heart:
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June 3, 2008


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