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*blinks at not being on in a while*

Mm, cut tags.

Be interested: I have a sudden "omg can do work" from painkillers kicking in proper last night, if you're in Barrie (or Toronto and don't mind driving up), have free time, and don't mind getting a bit crazy, I am shooting some images. Model for me, it would be easier than dressing up boxes and pretending they are human. This weekend is the time line, to get post-production done to get into my portfolio to hand in next week.

I am looking to shoot some fantasy/fairy-tale esque photos in the style of, but not identical to, some of my past images. Essentially: we figure out something imaginative, drag my lights out, and shoot it at a location that suits. If you have a car, it makes life much easier. These two images are prior examples from a while ago to give a kind of idea:
2003-11-26 - Julia by anon-y-mouse 050415 waiting for her prince by anon-y-mouse

Contact via email: I'm wary of posting my cell up for mass consumption. Email if interested AND capable of getting here, we'll work out further contact and details from there.

My back/neck is mucked. Progressively worse pain since August, especially past two months. To point of far too many [most] days not being able to sit up to use the computer to do work. Frustrated. Went into emerg last night from sheer degree of screaming pain, got a shot of something that was supposed to knock me out within 20 minutes, but took four hours until I fell asleep, but has helped with pain / being able to think. Prescription for even more NSAIDs, refill on painkiller got faxed in this morning to pharmacy for me to pick up.

Have referral to muscle-skeletal specialist, not sure when that is going to happen though. Had scoliosis series xrays done in late February, family doctor didn't offer opinion / results.

Its frustrating, when have stuff I want to do [in addition to things need to do] but cannot even get out of bed to stumble to freezer for ice pack, let alone get out of my apartment. Right now I'm running on bit of tolerability offered by whatever that shot was, sheer panic-need to get work done in order to pass/graduate.

Which brings us to: graduating is going to be a very near thing. Back being mucked has meant not getting stuff done/in to instructors. Have a ton of stuff to finish, some even start, in order to give the instructors proof that I do understand the concepts / techniques that is tangible for them to mark - they know I know my shit, they know I'm in a ton of pain, but they need something to actually mark, as intentions, concepts, rambling and ranting aren't enough ;)

I'm trying though. Not giving up until I am dead: too much time, effort, emotion, stress, and student loan debt put into getting me to this final semester to give up without running my body into the ground. I am more than capable of graduating under ordinary circumstances, I know the material, I know what I'm doing in a studio, with a camera, but actually doing it has been near-impossible. Ohh, for an exoskeleton or virtual presence / brain-in-jar solution-!

Checked email for first time in too long, so much spam. I remember noticing some point last year that spam started having parts of novels pasted in - first occurrence that I can find in my own received mail is 2006-06-05, containing an excerpt from The Hobbit. 2006-06-26 seems to be first time I got a bunch of proverbs pasted together. Both seems to be attempts to go around filters based on message length or that might check for appearance of proper sentence structure, as they appeared in conjunction with attached images containing the spam message (one was stocks, the other was meds).

Does spam ever succeed in getting people to dish out money? (aside from phishing scams...) Or does it exist to simply annoy, waste time, and congest mail servers when users forget to login to check/clean up their account once in a while?
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