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forgive me, this is going to ramble, wander, probably peter out in the middle, maybe get picked up again and cuddled for a bit three weeks later-- where was i?


My back is frustrating. My brain is frustrating. Current communication devices also frustrating.

Another new med to try - right now, go the cozy glow of feeling drunk from it starting to kick in... which unfortunately tends to be conquered by my body within week or so.

Its odd -- the glow feeling. I haven't had any alcohol, wouldn't mind it if I had it, as I tend to be a big whore for flavours, senseations on my pallette, especially in relation to more recent cross-signal brain processing - sounds making shinym .

Fadubg iyt, Wgat u was tying ti satL: tgese oast few nibytes are aoorixnuatekt tge nsit ckear0geadead u gave been in a while, and now the moment is gone, as I start to fall asleep.

More clarity moments, less fleeting clarity moments, oh how I miss them :lonely:

Doctor suggested swimming, prescription for medication that might or might not fight with my other medications "I put $10 on the blue bottle" "Comeee on red, daddy needs a new pair of shoes, litterally!"

It doesn't make any sense when its not in my head.

I need to take a vacation from everything familiar - spiritual journey, as it were but worded different. Money is the root evil at moment ._. Just trying to get away from here, bad memories of Barrie.

And I know I need to let go of myelf more, to relax.

"And I reakkt think I love you today"
[not sure, line stuck in my head, visual coinciding of young girl burning artifac

room is tilting, no more typing. Miss you guys, badcore. Still adore you all, I'm the strange aunt that never actually shows up to anything :/

Going to have minor ninja fight between left and right hands, and the best one will win - I'm rooting for reposting stuff on dA at some point, just not right at exact second.
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May 3, 2007


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